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These are exciting times at Alfa Laval. As you may have heard, we are reshaping the company with the main objective to better understand and meet the needs of our customers and business partners. Our watchwords in this work are speed, responsiveness and reliability.

In fact, my personal goal is that in two years from now, when I talk to our customers, I want to hear something along the lines of: "Yes – I can feel the difference, you have really speeded up. You are fast and responsive and your offer is really attractive!"

One major focus area for us in recent years has been service, and that development will continue with increased efforts. Service is the theme of one article on here online. Together with the other stories on this portal I hope you will get a good insight of the interesting areas we are working with. Enjoy!

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The evolution of service

The evolution of serviceAre you being served?  From repairs and maintenance to proactively adding customer value.

New service paradigm   


Saving Venice from the rising tide

Saving VeniceCritical cooling application - The compressed air that raises the barrier is cooled by Alfa Laval heat exchangers.

Saving Venice


Helping the marine industry meet tough environmental targets

Alfa Laval Test & Training CentreTest & Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark - Tomorrow’s marine technology under development at a unique facility.

Test & Training Centre


How Moscow’s food markets were made civilized again 

How Moscow’s food markets were made civilized againFresher, cleaner, safer – Moscow’s Food City aims to revolutionize food wholesaling and retailing in the city.

Moscow Food City


Cleaning up in Kazakhstan

Cleaning up in KazakhstanProfit from waste – Alfa Laval decanters separate toxic sludge into water, solids and marketable crude.

Kazakhstan clean up



A more sustainable approach to seafood production

How an Alaskan fishing company is working towards reducing its eco-footprint Net benefits – Alfa Laval technology recovers valuable oil from stick water.

Reduced eco-footprint 





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